Innovative Dimming Functionality

TrioDim™ features three distinct dimming configurations; BasicDim, DynaDim and CeilPremium, whcih can easily be adjustable through a DIP switch. This functionality enables seamless adjustments of dimming modes and glow ratios to suit the specific ambience of your space. Controlled by either a Push button signal or the DALI DT6 protocol.

As a standard feature, our COMPO range carries the TrioDim ™ technology.
This product is exclusively only available through Purati within the Australian market.

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Creating Architectural Beauty in a Specific Environment

Performance, Uniqueness, Responsibility, Aesthetics, Technology, Innovation (PURATI). Those are our core value and our foundation. Our lights save space, save resources, and offer greater quality. We offer architectural lighting of premium quality and performance and with unique design.

The Contemporary Collection Catalogue 2024



The Float series by European design is an outstanding interior luminaire offering floating elegance, timeless aesthetic, and extremely homogenous omnidirectional illumination.

Perfect illumination | High efficiency 132lm/W | Flicker free build-in driver | DALI 2.0 | Handmade acrylic diffuser | Swivel-locking system

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Pure architectural light fittings for all applications


Unique, versatile and flexible design makes Purati luminaries suitable for multiple application fields such as offices, schools, hotels, leisure and fitness centres, residential buildings and large areas.

Click below you will find out more detailed information on our luminaires for the right area of application.

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We Understand the Importance of Caring for Quality

Purati offers care and quality in the form of aesthetically appealing and sophisticated lighting. Our commitment to excellence can be seen in the attention to detail, from our modern designs to our expert craftsmanship.

Expert lighting engineers are on hand to provide advice and assistance, so as to create a unique lighting experience that not only illuminates your home but adds a luxurious touch of character and beauty. Put your trust in Purati for quality care and unparalleled expertise in custom made lighting that is sure to leave you eloquently satisfied.

Modular Design

From the research we concluded that a geometric style is desired. The main geometric shapes are all universally used. Therefore, geometric forms were merged into a new main shape to differentiate forms were the designs currently in the market, while keeping clear shapes and lines, result in great design products. Timeless and unique design with pure and refined forms and perfect ratio

Casambi Solution

The Casambi solution is a bluetooth mesh technology for your lighting choices to become smart lighting control system. It offers an easy way to wirelessly control and personalise each luminaire or as a group through your smartphone, tablet or smartwatch. All Casambi ready products are configured and used with the Casambi app, available for both IOS and Android.

We announce today purati luminaires can be 100% compatible with Casambi (wireless lighting control system) that can meet the needs of your customers in every project.

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The Birth of Purati Lighting

Jason and his team hope that the new range of architectural light fittings will appeal to architects, designers, and specifiers. To this end, a new brand was established, called Purati. Performance, Uniqueness, Responsibility, Aesthetics, Technology, Innovation (PURATI). Those are our core value and our foundation. Our lights save space, save resources, and offer greater quality.

We offer architectural lighting of premium quality and performance and with unique design. We strive for quality, continuous improvement and excellence, with our passion for research & development, and attention to detail, aiming to create architectural beauty in a specific environment.